Boy, is he Naughty or what?.....for that extra craziness, why not upgrade your booking to include Cosmo's featured side-kick, Naughty Lawrence?


Straight from the Leeds Looney Bin, Naughty Lawrence brings that extra dimension to the show ... 

For every trick or routine Cosmo performs, Naughty Lawrence is there on hand to mess it all up and drive Cosmo mad!  

And the children lap it up




"Naughty Lawrence really should be in after-school detention..."

Cosmo the cosmic magician


Naughty Lawrence performs alongside Cosmo, but parents, don't let him lead the kids astray with his pranks.



"Fabulous Show. My advice to parents - you should definitely book the Naughty Lawrence option . He made my feral kids look like perfect angels in comparison."

Exasperated parent